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Dr Eoin W. Lees, Fellow of the Institute of Energy, provides wide-ranging consultancy services in the Sustainable Energy field. Specific areas of expertise include: 

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Strategic advice and development services offered include:

  • Gaining Support from Government and Key Stakeholders
  • Evaluation of Energy Policy Initiatives
  • Programme Design and Management
  • Communications and Presentations

For fuller details, please refer to Core Skills.

For examples of work undertaken recently, please refer to Recent Clients where references are also available.

Background Experience:

In February 2003, I became an independent Sustainable Energy Consultant working for a variety of clients including UK and European Governments as well as the energy efficiency industries and the private sector. I have 27 years experience of analysis and policy development at the interfaces between Government and industry in the field of sustainable energy.

From 1993 to 2003, I was Chief Executive of the Energy Saving Trust, a not-for-profit partnership between Government and the major energy companies in the UK. I was responsible for growing the Energy Saving Trust from 1 employee to 110 (65M turnover per annum) and successfully led the EST through challenging and expanding roles to the current position where it is financially secure and recognised as the UK authoritative voice on household energy efficiency and greener road vehicles. Through my work, I have become recognised as a national and international authority on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources and have developed extensive networks, again both nationally and internationally, with key players and organisations.

Prior to my appointment at the Energy Saving Trust, I was Director of the Energy Technology Support Unit (ETSU) – now Future Energy Solutions – which was responsible for the research, development and demonstration programmes of the then Department of Energy in the fields of energy efficiency, renewables, fuel cells and strategic studies of energy related issues. During my time there, I was responsible for the development and introduction of the Energy Efficiency Best Practice programme which demonstrated and promoted new energy saving technologies to businesses and housing professionals. This programme ran from 1989 to 2002 and was widely recognised as an international exemplar. I also initiated the R&D programmes on fuel cells and cleaner coal technologies and greatly expanded the programmes on biofuels and solar energy.

Recent consultancy work for the UK Government includes evaluation of the last two phases of the UK government's energy efficiency obligations on energy suppliers; facilitated a workshop between government, the energy regulator and energy suppliers to increase innovation in energy efficiency obligation programmes; developing a strategic framework for Hydrogen Energy in the UK.

Recent work for a variety of private sector clients is related to the next phase of the Energy Efficiency Obligations (CERT) on household energy suppliers of electricity and gas from 2008 which will require them to spend approx. 1 Billion per year. I have also undertaken detailed feasibility analysis of the use of fiscal incentives, particularly Stamp Duty, as a means of stimulating the necessary step change in insulation installations in the residential sector to meet the UK government's CO2 targets.

Additionally, I have carried out work in other EU Member States to help with their understanding and/or implementation of energy efficiency obligations. This has drawn heavily on my experience of defining the procedures and setting challenging but achievable targets for energy companies under the UK Standards of Performance on Energy Efficiency (subsequently called Energy Efficiency Commitment and now Carbon Emissions Reduction Target) over 15 years.

I was the founding chair (2003-2008) of the EDF Energy Trust (a charity to help EDF customers in debt with their energy bills). I am a member for Ofgem’s Environmental Advisory Group and Vice President for the European Council for Energy Efficiency Economy. I am a non executive directory of the Westmill Wind farm Cooperative, only the 2nd community owned wind farm in England.

Key to my success, is my ability to convince Government and key stakeholders that I have a clear strategy which would deliver funder's/stakeholder's objectives cost effectively and that this strategy worked with the dynamics of the market in a sustainable fashion. Equally important is my integrity to be discreet and so trusted with governmental and commercially sensitive information - essential to plan activities and associated publicity. 

A fuller career history is available by viewing my Curriculum Vitae.

I would appreciate receiving any comments on this website as I am keen to continually improve and update it - please contact me via the contact details.

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